Mediamonks Campaign
Another brilliant and epic Mediamonks campaign
was born to celebrate their 10 year anniversary
and what better way to celebrate it there than letting
everyone know how awesome we are by taking over a
entire issue of the Emerce. Yes! a magazine take over
were i had the opportunity to create some awesome
visuals for
Glimpse of
You call some place paradise, kiss it goodby. Lyrics from
The last resort by the Eagles. A glimpse of a beautiful
setting maybe even a glimpse of
paradise. As soon as it's called a paradise you
can kiss it goodbye because there are
always things or people who will find a way to
destroy something beautiful.
The Match-O-Tron
The Match-O-Tron is a online game quiz
starring Victor Frankenstein as the mad scientist.
He will try and calculate if you and your partner are
a good match but the main idea behind this campaign
is to let people know they should do a SOA (STD) test
before you and your partner
have unsafe sex
Kiegwan Zabdiel Johannis
Kiegwan Zabdiel Johannis
Leihitu is a graphic designer
and full-time awesome.
Born on the 2nd of februari 1987 and
living in Leerdam (the Netherlands).
He studied Communication & Design at
SintLucas, Boxtel and is
currently working as a "Graphical Monk"
at Mediamonks in Hilversum.
Besides working and ofcourse being awesome there is a small chance you can find him on Facebook or Behance.

If he's not there you can always just email him and ask where he is and he will gladly accept your money after he did some hardcore Photoshop work for you.